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I recommend something along the lines of “19th Century Russian Literature. On a typical Friday night I am: You know where you’re . Now that your profile’s all filled out, it’s time to start the polish.

Otherwise you’re just saying “I have no life.” The most private thing I’m willing to admit: Let’s be real: nobody’s admitting anything terribly private here. Coming up, I’ll tell you how to pick the profile pics that seal the deal and the most common mistakes people make when they’re sending that first message.

In one study, as many as 71% of men’s initial messages went unanswered, and that number was only slightly better for women (56%).

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This email should reflect that you have read the person’s profile and liked what they had to say. Otherwise, people get the impression that you are writing mass emails to tons of prospects and hope one of them bites. Most people give out a cell phone as it’s not traceable to a home address. You don’t want to lose a potential mate because you’ve revealed too much too soon.There will be plenty of time for the reveal after you’ve been dating for a while, if you get that far.Online, people have no idea how ‘surrounded’ a person is. Embed from Getty Images — Welcome to the 21st century of dating! Do you send a ‘flirt’/’icebreaker’ or whatever your site calls a canned one liner, such as “You seem amazing.Keeping it short and sweet is the order of the day here; little meaty chunks will serve you far better than going into detail. What are you doing with your life: This is where you talk about what you do. If you’re a photographer, you might want to say something like “I get paid to take pictures of cool stuff. What you’re good at: This is a place to show yourself being fun and playful. The first thing people notice about me: Unless you have something cool that stands out (visible tattoos, lots of piercings, you’re over 6 feet tall, you wear an eyepatch), you can be silly here. By all means, list one or two, but make sure you have mainstream stuff in there as well.

If you have an awesome job (and it better genuinely be awesome), brag a little bit. It’s important to not seem as though you read comics and science-fiction.Step four: Here’s a step that many don’t utilize, but it’s one of my favorite forms of communication: video chatting.This is a particularly good tool if the person lives a distance away. If you’re going to use an online dating site like I recommended, you need to have at least a vague idea of what you’re doing. Therefore I’ll be talking predominantly about OK Cupid’s profile set-up. Every single one of them is already on here and ready to pounce on the exact same women Now a quick caveat: as I said last time, I prefer OK Cupid to most dating sites out there, especially pay sites.In general you want to give the impression that you don’t take any of this too seriously.