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The WCC, together with the Organized Crime and General Crime Chambers, operates within the Criminal Division of the State Court of Bosnia.

The concept underlying the WCC initiative is that accountability for gross violations of human rights that took place during the conflict ultimately remains the responsibility of the people of Bosnia.

which lasted from 1992 to 1995, was characterized by grave violations of human rights including mass killings, rapes, widespread destruction, and displacement of the population.Accountability for such heinous crimes in the form of fair and effective trials of perpetrators is critical to ensure justice and build respect for the rule of law in Bosnia.During the period from October 2005 to January 2006, we conducted a number of interviews in person and by telephone, and received substantial material from officials via e-mail.Many of the individuals we interviewed wished to speak candidly, but did not wish to be cited by name, so we have used generic terms where appropriate to protect the identity of these sources.The loss of skilled members of the legal profession and the judiciary throughout Bosnia, coupled with the physical destruction and lack of proper equipment or facilities, hindered the ability of the courts to administer justice effectively.

Because of these grave deficiencies, the justice system has had a limited impact on putting an end to the widespread impunity in Bosnia for war crimes.A consolidated list of recommendations is presented at the end of the report.The report is primarily based on a mission Human Rights Watch conducted in Sarajevo in September 2005.However, the real challenge of conducting fair and effective trials lies ahead.Meeting this challenge will require sustained and considerable support as trials commence.During the mission we interviewed various officials in those organs related to the effective functioning of the WCC including: the Special Department for War Crimes of the Office of the Prosecutor, the Criminal Defense Support Section, the Public Information and Outreach Section, the Witness Protection Support Unit, the Witness Support Section, the judiciary, the Court Management Section, the Detention Section and the Registry.