Abhishek bachan aishwarya rai dating

What does Ba Zi say about these two Bollywood stars?

Aishwarya’s birthday is Nov 1 1973 – the time of birth according to Internet sources is Tiger Hour (3-5am). Aishwarya Rai is a Xin Metal Day Master – Xin Metal, in the study of Ba Zi, is delicate, fine, beautiful jewellery so Rai is in the right line as an actress and model. Depending again on which newsreports are used, Rai and Abhishek first met on the set of a movie in 2003, and then worked together again in 2004, 20.

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In Rai’s case, Wood, her Wealth Element, is a favourable element. A higher level of compatibility analysis in Ba Zi involves extracting the ‘qualities’ of the person’s spouse and then comparing them to their girlfriend/fiancee to see if the person fits the bill.

Abhishek’s chart has strong wood elements, since he is born in the season of wood, and also, sits on the Pig, which is known as the Growth of Wood. In Abhishek’s case, he’s a strong Ding Fire, so Metal is a favourable element for him. In this respect, based on the Ba Zi charts of Rai and Abhishek, the compatibility of the two does not seem to be too strong.

She was born on Nov 1,1973 in a traditional South Indian Tulu family. She is one of the established stars who is well known around the globe. She was awarded Padma Shri,fourth highest Civilian Award by Government of India in 2009. She made her debut in the ace director Mani Ratnam's Tamil film, Iruvar in 1997 followed by a Hindi film, Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya in the same year.

She tasted her first film success in 1998 through her Tamil Film, Jeans directed by Shankar,an another big name in the Film Industry.

In the year 2004, the year of Jia Shen (Wood Monkey), Rai enters a new luck pillar of Bing Yin (Fire Tiger).

Fire, to her Xin Metal Day Master, particular Bing Fire, represents the Direct Officer star.Ding Fire, to a Xin Metal Day Master (which is Aishwarya’s Day Master) represents the Seven Killings or boyfriend star.So a relationship ends this year – most likely her relationship with Salman Khan.Based on Aishwarya’s Ba Zi, it looks likely that the relationship may have sparked as early 2004 but may also have only really developed in 2006.In 2003, Ding Fire, enters the graveyard during the Gui Wei (Water Goat) year.This indicates that he’s immensely popular, and going through good Fame and Reputation Luck. Well, on a basic level, compatibility can be ascertained by looking at whether two people are attracted to each other.