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Both of those types of sites and apps can serve an important purpose — many gay men have a presence on multiple sites and apps specifically for that reason.

The location-based apps can be more effective in finding an encounter almost immediately wherever you happen to be at the time.

The online dating industry estimates that each year there are 12.5 percent more dating sites than the year before.

In that sense, modern gay hookup sites, such as Grindr, have a developmental legacy that goes back to the period before smartphones, before cell phones — even before the World Wide Web itself.

Some use the term “site” and “app” interchangeably.

While that figure is impressive enough on its own, it becomes even more impressive when you look at the numbers for gay dating sites.

These types of sites represent over one-third of that growth.

Others use such sites and apps strictly when they are traveling.

The practicality of being able to find another person that is looking for the same thing that you are at the exact moment is quite convenient.

Some combine long-term relationship searches with those seeking casual encounters. You may be at a stage in your life when you are looking for a serious partner to settle down with, but in the interim — why not — you still want to explore some casual encounters.

Mind you, other individuals would prefer to keep those two sides of their lives separate.

This, in the hopes of being able to offer our readers additional insight to all of their gay hookup options.