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As soon as I emerged from the girls-are-icky phase of my childhood, my parents were ready with plenty of advice as I began dating.They taught me to respect women; to treat them well, and to never ask a girl out if I couldn’t afford to pay for both her and myself. Consciously or not, I internalised the idea that to be a man was to be both protector and provider; that women liked being pampered and were to be revered.

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When the bill came, her hand shot out of her dress pocket, landing on her wallet before I could even look at the check.Wanting to be the perfect gentleman, I told her that I’d settle it, but she warned that she would actually get angry if I did. Up until then, it had never occurred to me that women were capable of paying or even wanted to do so.Welcome to another episode of Chit Chat with Lunch Actually!This week, we are talking about a dating topic that is definitely interesting and super relevant in this day and age.Instead of lamenting how the dating scene is skewed towards women, level the playing field yourself.

Decide not to participate in the more gendered aspects of dating culture.

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There are men who feel as though they should always pay for first dates, and by extension, feel entitled to sex or a second date.

There are men who can afford to do this, and are happy to both preserve and exploit this dynamic.

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