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He was the prime motivator of atrocities which he achieved by distributing fliers among Soviet troops in which he appealed to the most primal, subhuman instinct of the Khazarian horde. This work of fiction is perfectly broken down by Prof.

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The atrocities of the Reds were so legendary, that when the SS commanders abandoned their posts in the labor camps to flee back to Germany, majority of the laborers who were held in the camp, including the Jews chose to flee with them, than be left in the mercy of the merciless Russian Bolsheviks.It is also for that very reason, why so many captured Germans didn’t even need to be tortured in order to “confess” to any utter bullshit their captors wanted them to “confess” to at Nuremberg Trials.For however a brief period of time, Germans had liberated the lands plagued by the Jewish Bolsheviks and saved their people from rape and mass executions, also reopening churches Jews shut or burned down.Unfortunately, after decades of oppression, the fear struck Russians dared not oppose the Jews and as the threat of being sent back to the Gulags loomed over their heads, they marched against the Germans, for anyone who didn’t was dealt with the very people who had turned lives of tens of millions to hell for far lesser “offenses”.For 50 years after the massacre, in the same fashion Jews still lie about the alleged Holocaust, the world was lied to by the Jews that it was the German Nazi that committed the Katyn Massacre.

It wasn’t until the fall of communism that so effectively protected the atrocities of the Jews that the world has been told the truth.

And as the Reds gained ground and pushed the Germans back, they once again, with Jewish Bolsheviks in the lead, raped everyone they’d come across.

Nobody wanted to fall into the hands of the “Red Army Liberators” for that always resulted in rape, and almost always in death.

World War II ended in exactly the same way it started – with Jews mass murdering and gang raping German women and children.

In my recent post about Russian Gulags in which I explained how Jewish Bolsheviks committed the greatest mass killing in the history of mankind I quoted the Nobel Prize winning author Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn who himself suffered greatly in the Jewish run Gulags.

From now on, the word ‘German’ is the most horrible curse. If you cannot kill a German with a bullet, then kill him with your bayonet. The book is titled The Hoax of the Twentieth Century.