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The PHP timestamp is a Unix timestamp that tracks the number of seconds since January 1, 1970 because we apparently believe milliseconds are useless. function with default parameters to create a timestamp of this very moment (well, the moment I created this tutorial).Why would we want something like that when users cannot understand its format?Now I will go on a small tangent and emphasize my extreme approval of this particular format.Sure, “2013/02/01” is equally valid, but the hyphens seem to be more universal and easier to work with.For example, a PHP date is usually in the format of “2013-02-01” and times always seem to vary.

This is because, we as the great thinkers of the world, created a ridiculous time system with random values instead of some metric like construction.

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Well, the guys that created PHP must have agreed with me. Now, we have the current military time that I created this tutorial. Now, let’s mix it up a little bit and create our own time and not the current time.

The PHP date function also can format timestamps into “Times”. I know you might be thinking, “How do I create a timestamp that is not the present? We want to format this into a full date and time string.

Of course, there is entirely a purpose for time’s current format, but we can both agree that it is not programmer friendly.