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She is known for her role as Maddie Coleman in the CBS soap opera, As the World Turns and for her dual role as identical twins, Emma Becker and Sutton Mercer in the ABC Family drama series, The Lying Game.

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In 2011, Chando was cast in the starring role as identical twins Emma Becker and Sutton Mercer on the ABC Family series The Lying Game.

After The Lying Game ended, she appeared on an episode of the television series Castle playing "a Lindsay Lohan/Miley Cyrus type".

The 46-year-old actor, who also wrote and directed the flick, was joined at the event by Ashley Greene and her husband Paul Khoury, Kat Graham, Kevin Dillon, Chris Zylka, Ramsey Krull, Ryan Rottman, Skyler Samuels and Dylan Efron.

The evening before, Josh and the rest of the stars took part in the and were also joined by Adelaide Kane, Alexandra Chando, Blair Redford, Cassie Scerbo, Xzibit, Stephen Colletti, Brock O’Hurn and Jonathan Keltz.

In this week’s episode, “A Kiss Before Lying,” Emma (Chando) learns more about what happened the night Sutton’s (also Chando) car went into the lake, raising her suspicions about whether her sister has been truthful.

Ted (Andy Buckley) invites his family to be his guests at an event in his honor and Rebecca (Charisma Carpenter) orders Sutton to use the opportunity to further their plans for the Mercer family.Her experience of being cast on As the World Turns was chronicled in the episode "I'm Getting My Big Break" from the MTV documentary series, True Life.She screen-tested with Robert Pattinson for the leading role in the 2010 film Remember Me, and auditioned for the role of Elena Gilbert, in The CW television series The Vampire Diaries.She appeared in a TV series called The Lying Game from the year 2011 to the year 2013 and her sensational work won millions of hearts all over the world. She was amazing in another huge TV series called As the World Turns.She appeared in a 2011 blockbuster called The Bleeding House and she impressed everyone with her natural acting in this one. She was born in the year 1986 on 28th of July and this makes her age 29 at this time.Chando is a native of Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, where she graduated from Liberty High School. Chando attended Manhattan College before becoming an actress.