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It appears that if I am going to load the data into my spreadsheets, I will have to do one line at a time, each country individualy.

09/30/2015 - France Excellent interface, very very efficient. Too bad data goes up to 2012 and does not include 20. Really appreciate you guys going the extra mile with your data tools, this makes my research so much more effective.

For the United States, net consumption excludes the energy consumed by the generating units.

It is unfortunate that a download cannot be directly used but it is frustrating that as an expert Excel user I cannot easily determine a way to organize the data in a way that makes it usable. Thank you 05/01/2016 - Australia It is incredibly frustrating trying to view the data you want.

Thanks, Art Berman Sorry you are having trouble with the data download, please try the following. Today I simply want to view the imports of crude oil in bbld in South Africa. You can download PDF files for all of the countries with a detailed energy analysis.

I saw a comment that person can download all countries - I can not find that. Click on the green check mark button in the top right corner. 09/28/2016 - Japan I'm using the data for elec. I downloaded All Countries Crude Oil and Lease Condensate Production.

Can you please direct me to it - thanks Click on the ‘Select Countries’ button in green. Click on the green ‘Download’ button on the top right side of the data table10/01/2016 - Texas, United States I'm just curious why the data period ends at 2013 - it's now Oct 2016 - seems like there should be data at least thru 2015. Column B makes every heading equal i.e., the country and various information headings.

For global consumption of 529 Quad BTUs, it's showing per capita 9.5 trillion BTUs (which would assume a world pop. 11/02/2016 - India Hi, great work with the interface.

However, there are parts of the database that we could access in the previous version, that we are unable to access here (Imports and exports of petroleum crude and products, consumption of renewable energy in QTBTU among others). In order to make the imports data easier to find, a ‘Featured View’ was created for Petroleum OECD Imports.11/17/2015 - Michigan, United States Great PDF file on Canada's energy and trade success!Exactly what I needed to bring me up to speed for my research on Michigan and on the Midwest - thanks!Comments coming from an IT manager used to major systems with large databases. You guys have been an utter joy to work with (not a typical experience for government bureaucracy), and this new beta is the icing on the cake.Thanks for the hard work you have put in to make this information clear and understandable!It provides to me useful background for the structure and developments in the energy sector, both on country basis and on global scope. - there is a strange jump in Germany data between 20 Thanks again 12/01/2016 - Italy First of all, congrats for this huge and helpful dataset!