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Over the next few decades the Alvarez and Alvarez-Yairi line of guitars became some of the leading acoustic guitar brands in the USA, introducing some unique design innovations into acoustic guitars along the way that would change the way we hear steel string guitars forever.

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This means more tension, which means more sustain, which therefore results in more projection and a greater response to your playing.The finish of your guitar is the first thing you notice, so it needs care and attention in the production process.The Alvarez guitars story is one of continuing success thanks to a few key elements including meticulous design processes, superior tonewood selection process and highly accurate tooling.But mainly, they just really care about their guitars and the connection the instrument has with the player. Band & Orchestra Supplies which to this day is still one of the largest general distributors of musical instruments and accessories in North America.You’ll feel the separation of the notes really come through and the articulation shine particularly in the Masterworks series.

The Alvarez guitar line also includes asymmetric tone bars to bring out the treble and bass notes within – all part of the reason you can hear each note accurately – go ahead and strum an Alvarez guitar, as you can really notice the difference.Each Alvarez guitar goes through an extensive review process and are inspected for cosmetic flaws as well as inconsistencies in the nut, frets and playability within strict tolerance levels.Guitars are visually inspected by the QA team at Alvarez as well as electronically checked to ensure there are no faults in your guitar.The Alvarez brand returned home and the team were hungry to improve on the legacy these guitars had made.This eventually resulted in the guitars becoming the weapon of choice for the likes of Joe Bonamassa, Bono, Johnny Cash, Crosby, Stills & Nash, Ani Di Franco, Jerry Garcia, Paul Mc Cartney, Monte Montgomery, Carlos Santana, Bob Weir, and Thom Yorke.After all the extensive research and development, hand made construction processes and quality control, the Alvarez guitar range still remains firmly in the affordable bracket.