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But its creators say one of her main uses will be simply to provide physical comfort to owners.

Some experts have warned we’ll need to be careful we don’t get addicted to artificial intelligence love making.

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"While we believe we provide a product that has many applications we are sometimes astounded at the impact we make on some customer’s lives.

"We have had customers marry their dolls, say that we had saved their lives because they felt like they had nothing to live for after the death of a spouse or the end of a relationship." Robotics psychologist Rebekah Rousi has said: "We have to consider if robots will have their own sexual desires and what will motivate these desires.

He lives in the hearts of children all over the world all year round.

These days, children have much easier access to children than we did back in the 1970’s and 1980’s.

Here's everything you need to know about the growing phenomenon.

Sex bots are hyper-realistic with features such as built-in heaters to create the feeling of body warmth. One company is even developing a head that can speak, smile and sing for its robot sex dolls, while sex doll Harmony is the first to offer an "emotional connection".

With technological advances like texting, Twitter, automated updates, and easy GPS maps, Santa is everywhere. If you have some of your own, please let us know about them at [email protected]

Now, children can: Parents can send emails to request a message from Santa for children, or they can set up chat sessions and more.

“If the end goal is to create autonomous robots that are capable of independent thinking and feeling, the chances of humans maintaining power within these relationships is quite marginal.” A study also found that, if robots are programmed to see sex as a "beneficial" resource, they could begin to seek it out themselves without notifying their partners, in a sense, cheating.

Chinese sex doll makers have created a robot that will laugh at your jokes – and even wash your dishes.

Sergi Santos, the designer of the love machine Samantha, said the amorous android was so erotic that men were already developing real feelings for her.