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"I’m bisexual, but it’s not the sort of thing I spent a lot of time thinking about," Palmer said."I’ve slept with girls; I’ve slept with guys, so I guess that’s what they call it!

Neil says they “were as happy as any two people had ever been.” The next day Amanda had to jet off to Australia, and the newlyweds won’t see each other for ten more days (when they reunite in Tasmania.) : ( In case you need a little Dresden Dolls education, they were/are a alternative rock/pop group highly influenced by German cabaret and burlesque.

Whether as a group member – in The Dresden Dolls with Brian Viglione or faux-conjoined-twin musical outfit Evelyn Evelyn with Jason Webley – or as a solo artist, Amanda Palmer is well worth your attention.

In 2003, their self-titled album was released on Important Records and gave the Dresden Dolls a shove into the mainstream with the single and video for "Coin Operated Boy." They toured extensively in support of the album, eventually scoring an opening slot for Nine Inch Nails.

This summer, they reached a new crowd, touring alongside Erasure, Debbie Harry and the Gossip on Cyndi Lauper’s True Colors Tour.

Boston duo the Dresden Dolls have announced a pair of live dates set for this August, which finds Amanda Palmer and Brian Viglione back on stage together for the first time in an official capacity since 2010 (they played Rough Trade in New York last year).

The Dolls will play Boston’s Blue Hills Bank Pavilion on August 26, then help christen New York’s newly-minted Coney Island Amphitheater the following night.The resulting album, ‘Theatre Is Evil’, with the Grand Theft Orchestra (out September 11 2012 on 8 Ft Records), embraces poppy new wave melodies as much as strings and balladry, and showcases Palmer’s enjoyably bombastic delivery.And suddenly, 2016 became the summer of punk cabaret.Throughout the course of our touring history, you never knew what you were going to see when you went to a Dresden Dolls show. We are going to pull out all the stops: there is going to be insanity, onstage special guests, strange happenings, love with the audience.I want to describe Amanda Palmer, half of art-punk cabaret-rock band the Dresden Dolls, in a way that makes her seem like something exotic, but truly, it’s hard for me to think of Amanda Palmer as exotic: I know her too well.The couple had been engaged for one year and one day when they exchanged vows in San Francisco (where Amanda was scheduled to perform her Dresden Dolls partner Brian Viglione (the pair once dated.) The couple broke the news via Twitter, and later Neil posted this sweet message on his Facebook page: UPDATE: Neil wrote more about his wedding on his blog.