Are any wwe superstars dating

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The two seem really happy together–posting various photos to their IG accounts.In terms of Paige’s in-ring biz, it remains to be seen what the future has in store for the former Divas Champion.More than anything what we have taken from one another will guide us on our journey in life. All the best my dear.” WWE might have a new power couple behind the scenes.In late February, it was reported that Charlotte and Almas were officially dating behind the scenes.Older fans who kept a close eye on the biz during the 90s may recall The Enquirer's claims that lil' Rey Mysterio was wooing Friends star Jennifer Aniston.

This, according to reports since, was either an urban legend created to get WCW's masked man over or a flat out false non-story that should never have been published. Thankfully for those who can never quite seem to satisfy their love of reading gossip mags to find out all the juicy details, there are actual cases where bonafide celebs have dated WWE wrestlers.But this isn’t the first time that Charlotte dated a WWE star.She was also said to have been dating Alberto Del Rio.Both were asked about the relationship via Twitter, but they both downplayed it.Charlotte responded to the question by saying it must be a slow news day if that’s what’s making the headlines.Not only is she the face of WWE but her personal life seems to be just as good.