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I was really excited about working with him and he’s a really chill and down to earth guy.

I think that “Gossip Girl” is one of – if not – my most beloved TV show ever.

Although when the last season’s final episode finished I felt both joy and great sadness.

I haven’t completely, because of all the love I’ve been getting on the Facebook Page, I’ve done recently and I don’t think I will. -Leighton Meester: I don’t think It is, though I wouldn’t mind doing another season. I loved shooting that scene, because at the time I didn’t knew Crawford and It was bit awkward but then It was fun.

And favorite line is when Blair says “ But everytime I try to move on, you’re right there. Lina Grivogianni: You both have been working in movies.

PHOTOS: Gossip Girl cast, then and now Westwick, 26, attended the GREAT British Film Reception in Hancock Park on March 1, where he told Us Weekly that he sent Meester, 27, a congratulatory text upon hearing the news of her marriage.

PHOTOS: Secret celeb weddings And though he was surprised by the quick engagement, he continued, “It’s not my life. I think she’s fantastic, and she’s a good friend of mine.-Ed Westwick: I feel like a part of me is missing, without Gossip Girl.All the routine we had, all the faces we used to see every day are just gone and I miss it all. I miss the fantastic crew we had and the cast mates, except for Ed. I miss it all as well, Gossip Girl was like my second family. It is indeed, but I wouldn’t mind spending another six years shooting Gossip Girl, because everything that I am today is because of it. Blair is always so bossy and she’s used to boss around people and I’m nothing like that. Lina Grivogianni: In the show you played as a couple that reminds us the “mythic Hollywood love stories”, what is your opinion about love?He currently plays Vincent Swan in the BBC Two television comedy series White Gold (2017).He went on to guest star in the British television series Doctors as Holden, Casualty as Johnny Cullin, and Afterlife as Darren.You Ed with Leonardo Di Caprio in “J Edgar” and Jude Law in Breaking and Entering.