Are justin and selena dating

Speculations of the stars being back on emerged late last month when Selena, who recently had a kidney transplant, hosted Justin at her home.The following weekend, the pair spent the day at Justin's mansion and were even seen attending a Bible study group together.

A few days later, the two were enjoyed a romantic bike ride and coffee date together, so it's fair to say their re-coupling hasn't come as a shock.

I know that, like, it’s been really weird for them lately and that Selena was dating The Weeknd for a while or whatever.

I honestly don’t even really what Selena likes about him, other than that he’s short but still kinda hot.

Selena Gomez on top of her game since dating rumors are concerned.

Netizens have also given the name as “NIALLENA,” and all are looking forward to this hot and sexy couple.

Like Selena, Niall has nothing to say since they’re all rumors. But looking at his schedule, feed and stuff, it looks like he his focusing on its most awaited album.

As all her fans around the world love the star’s songs.

We hope the star is able to manage both and we can see her in movies as well as listen to her songs!!

Lately they’ve been, like, getting breakfast and riding bikes and going to church and running away from an alleged gang member after church together. And now that Selena like straight up wore Justin’s hockey jersey to his little hockey game or whatever—he’s not on varsity; it’s some weird league he plays with outside of school—that pretty much makes it official.

They are completely hooking up again and are probably, like, in love.

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