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The two were apparently all over each over at the Polo Lounge on Sunday.

He played with her hair, stroked her arm, and at one point she put her head in his lap.

Ashley Olsen has been up in the news lately following a report about her death.The well-established fashion designer and businesswoman is also known for her active roles in several TV series.Born June 13, 1986, in Sherman Oaks, California, Ashley Olsen is an American fashionista and former actress who started her acting career barely one year after she was born alongside her twin sister Mary-Kate Olsen.She is the daughter to a mortgage banker and real estate developer, David Olsen and his wife Jarnette who is a personal manager of German, French, and Italian ancestry.Many people urged Armstrong to dump Olsen because she was fifteen years his junior.

Apparently, he took their advice and ended it after only a few months.Since becoming adults, the girls have left acting behind to pursue a career in fashion.The Olsen twins have their own clothing line called Elizabeth and James.A couple of weeks ago, In Touch reported that Johnny Depp was spotted sneaking out of Ashley Olsen’s apartment in NYC on February 27th after having spent the night there. Since it’s In Touch, and therefore salt-grainy, that story came and went pretty quickly.Today the NY Daily News published an item about Ashley Olsen and Jared Leto.Ashley on her own belongs to the Norwegian ancestry.