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But that does not in any way change the fact that you have to deal with the people you hate nevertheless.And it is going to harm no one as much as it harms you. It is definitely not going to cause her any sleepless nights.

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If you think that you'll never find love, the Law of Attraction will bring you more instances where you don't have love. Each action is telling the Universe that you aren't until you're with someone to do X.

Don’t look at your relationship as it is now, but visualize it and mentally picture how you want it to be. Do the things you would do if you already had the relationship you want. After all, if you're thinking that you're waiting for someone, you're telling the Law of Attraction to bring you more waiting…

You just have to remember that the Law of Attraction is about your thoughts. When using the Law of Attraction for love, you have to stop focusing on what your love life or relationships are like now.

If you focus on how things are now, your thoughts will be filled with what is…and the Law of Attraction will give you matching experiences.

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And when you manifest your love, or if you have a relationship now that is a struggle…focus on what you appreciate about the other person. It will only give you more things to complain about.

Every day, focus on all the things you like about him…his strengths, his sense of humor, his ability to get things done… You’re the only one who can generate it, but your ability to generate love is unlimited.

There are people who generalize their feelings, for or because of, one person in an entire group.

If you had an abusive father, you may subconsciously hate all older men.

Using the Law of Attraction for love and relationships works whether you believe it will or not.