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The OP asked about Jewish pornstars, so we are listing Jewish pornstars. It's up to the OP's own opinion to determine if he would like to consider converts in his thread.:2 cents: Oh and here is one more for you,senob44... userid=39000)] [Read more about the board rules: here ( We're all from different *tribes* and share certain similiarities in more than superficial ways. if you dont want to believe in some mystical prophecy that we'll be hated throughout our existence.. The evidence suggests there is a deep abiding hate for us that seems to rise everywhere. By the way, just to clear up a few things that I have read in this post: to be Jewish is a religion not an ethnic group.

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It can be changed any time at the whim of the 'believer'. Oh thanks Zell for going off on me because I was partially wrong. so ben stiller's not jewish Bree Olson's grandparents were concentration camp survivors, so she is probably Jewish. According to Olson, her grandmother was in a camp because she was Ukrainian. You cannot change your race, country of origin, tribe of origin, first learned language or your origin or background. Being Jewish is no more 'ethnic' - IMO - then being a die hard fan of a particular sports team. you know the discussions, loopholes and revisions of old rules and .. But I wouldnt change religions for simpler beliefs any day. She is listed on Free Ones since 2014 and is currently ranked 23426th place.Cartoon Yourself, Manchester Vermont Youth Baseball, East Dorset Congregational Church, Fly the American Flag, The Maryland Zoo in Baltimore, Joyce Meyer Ministries, Roma Downey, Walk with Jesus, The Western Journal, Dorset Fire Department, Jesus Daily, Exxon Mobil, I Love Psalms, Most Awesome Web Photos, Garden n country, Jesus Still Saves, Heals, and Answers Prayers, Devil Dog Nation, Hillary4US, Fans of Hank Williams Jr., National Pro-Life Alliance, Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, Ivanka Trump, Proud Vietnam Veteran, Pray & Love, AMERICAN - STRONG! Since hype can be wrong, I could use some additioonal info before adding her or say, Demi Marx to the list. I know Kaylynn is Leah Lexington is another definite maybe. She needs to get some film/DVD credits under her belt first, like around ten, before she can make that claim.

We're not violent, uneducated or speak in a strange dialect. How about the ol' 'Haifa Dumpling Gang' herself - Eden Mor. Some performers are thought of as Jewish just because of a 'look' or advertising hype, like Lindsay Layne. Eden Mor may be an Internet nude model, but a porn star?

She is listed on Free Ones since 2014 and is currently ranked 31563th place.

She currently has 3 gallery links in her own Free Ones section.

Jewish is technically a term that describes an ethnic group.

Obviously converts to the religion should be posted here. Even your sources say converts are also considered Jewish. I think what he was trying to say is that by definition Jewish and Judaism are different things and not mutually inclusive even though they are related in most cases.

I'm totally guessing,but I think that this girl Mia Beck is Jewish She might have retired because I ain't seen shit from her in a long time and there isn't that much stuff of her out there. Amen Mc R (no pun intended) That's why I guess I saw it as a request for Jewish stars, not unlike asking for Italian or Asian. Here is an example;the Jews that were in Poland before and during WWII were not Jewish only because of their religious beliefs. ::puts on my deliverance voice:: "I hates me some ni****s! Simply visit b OObipedia Jewish categoty Jewish Here's the list A * Adele Wiesenthal * Alanna Ackerman * Alexia Schore * Alexis Silver * Alina Gross * Andrea Parducci * Annie Sprinkle * Arlene Bell B * Bar Refaeli * Barbi Benton * Bette Midler * Britney Stevens * Brooke Burke * Busty Belle * Busty Brown C * Cathy Green * Chesty Morgan * Cindy Margolis * Clyda Rosen D * Daphne Rosen * Debbie Hooper * Deborah Kahn * Diane Chandler * Dinah Manoff * Dyan Cannon E * Eden Mor * Ellen Michaels * Erika Lockett F * Francine Gottfried * Francoise Pascal G * Gillian Pearl * Gloria Leonard H * Harriet Geller I * Irma Margolin J * Jackie Parker * Jacquiline Miller * Jacquiline Simmons-Jude * Jaime Hammer * Jamie Lee Curtis J cont.