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I think a small guide from a local will be useful for you. Kyiv is the capital, a city with a population of over 3 million people and this is the first place you should come to.Here are concentrated all the major international companies, developed infrastructure, a million of restaurants, global hotel chains, shopping malls, a lot of attractions that you also should visit.

A taxi will cost about 500-800 Hryvnia (approximately 15-20 US dollars / euro) to the city center.If you plan to stay in Kyiv for a week or more, I recommend you to buy a local SIM-card, it costs $ 3-5 and will give you the unlimited Internet.There are days when it’s -10 °C – -15 °C (14 °F – 5 °F).You will need an air-conditioned apartment in summer and warm clothes in winter: gloves, hat, warm jacket – must have, do not neglect your health.Therefore, we try to maintain ourselves, go to the gym, on hair removal, to a beautician, to makeup artists, take care of our long hair.

In Ukraine and Russia, eyelash extension and fake nails are considered beautiful; these procedures are usually once a month. Usually they try to emphasize their femininity and sexuality.For convenience, take a guide who will give you tips on how to live in Kyiv.My Good Friend Kate – [email protected] is a guide as well will be happy to help you to see the sights and can give some recommendations on where to stay, how to avoid tourist traps and so on (UPD: Please DO NOT contact her with questions about girls, she is not a matchmaker, just can show around in Kyiv).Taking into account the natural beauty, competition between women is increasing.Being beautiful, we try to be even more beautiful, to be more in demand on the brides market.Ha-ha 🙂 And an important point – do not think if a girl with bright makeup and in heels, she is certainly a prostitute.