Baby shower dating game questions dating sdites

Pass out blank greeting cards along with consecutively numbered envelopes to each of your guests.Instruct each guest to write a birthday card to the baby-to-be for whatever age is listed on her envelope.Here are some sample questions: Ahead of time, print each letter of the alphabet on an individual sheet of paper.

When you're done, you'll have a crossword puzzle that's perfect for the guests to attempt at the shower.

Here are some questions you may want to ask: This is a great game for a co-ed shower.

It can also be entertaining to ask for adorable quotes or embarrassing stories from the toddler years (but not too embarrassing)!

Based on that information, make up a quiz about the future parents to give your guests.

If the mom-to-be is a sentimental type, she'll appreciate these baby shower games and activities.

The customized games feature information about the parents-to-be, and some of the activities are crafts that make adorable keepsakes.Also use your humor as much as possible - It's just as much fun to think up questions and answers as it is for everyone to play it.Note: This game is also a good game to play for Bridal Showers. Before the shower, ask the mom- or dad-to-be a series of questions about babies and write them down.(Again, give the mom or dad a heads up that it's for a shower game.)Say the mom-to-be answered the questions.At the shower, pass out the sheet of questions to each guest and have them answer each question.