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You'll also find that you can now share pictures, videos and articles on Facebook with just a touch of a button.

Conveniently located on the page, this button lets you instantly download content right to your computer.The next time that you see an image or a video you love, you can simply click this button to download and save a copy to your own computer.People had a hard time accessing high-quality news stories.By upgrading the news service, Baidu added a functionality that allows people to bypass its Baijiahao news aggregation service when looking for news stories on its platform. Baidu controlled a 64.6% share of the market in May, according to data from Stat Counter.You can easily take a screenshot on the browser to share content with others, and you can turn the sound off when visiting sites that are noisy or loud.

It even has a feature that will let you turn off the sound on all open tabs without adjusting your computer speakers.You also have the option of turning the sidebar on or off based on your needs.This browser comes with the same useful tools you'll find on other browsers too.Like Chrome, Baidu Spark Browser even lets you use the address bar as a search bar.Instead of loading a search engine, you can type your key words right in the bar at the top of the screen to easily find content that interests you.If you grow tired of seeing the same color every day, enter the tools section to change the color of that interface.