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The of Portland (1862-1928) was Oregon’s largest brewery.

They issued at least four steins, this one, in light gray, for general distribution in Portland. Weinhard" on the front, which was sufficient information for the local market.

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The Bellingham Bay Brewery gave away mugs for promotions and their 1906 ad referred to them as steins!

So as not quibble over semantics, for the purpose of this discussion - they're all steins.

This leads me to believe that it was issued, when “Rainier Beer” made serious inroads into the S. In 1884, Kopp sold his share and moved to Astoria where he established his own brewery. Unfortunately, I don't have any information on this piece as yet. Since "Columbia Brewery" is not on the stein, it's believed that it was one of a set intended for Buchler's personal use.

Of the few Oregon breweries that issued steins, one was Portland's Mt. Upon receiving them I'm sure he was annoyed that The Dalles was misspelled "The Dallas." In February 1905, Buchler sold the brewery and it was incorporated as the Eastern Oregon Brewing Co.

Before beginning this discussion on steins, an explanation of the terminology may be helpful.

Through common usage it's understood that a stein has a lid, and a mug does not.

However, a stein may have lost its lid or was issued without one - as is often the case, but it's still a stein.

I've read learned opinions on this issue and am none the wiser.

However, this stein may have been issued ca.1918, which was during state-wide Prohibition and when the brewery was producing near-beer.

The next two steins were for distribution at major expositions, and the last was for a San Francisco restaurant.

This indicates that the Mettlachs were not necessarily issued on or near their date of manufacture, since Pacific Brewing & Malting was established two years after this stein was made. The other two I'm aware of include another 0.5L stein, and a smaller example without the kick-up.