Benefits of updating vmware tools

If any quantities of the current key remain un-upgraded, new licenses keys are generated for the remaining portion of the current product and be displayed in the confirmation process.

The ability to upgrade a license key depends on: If you cannot upgrade, contact the Super User associated with that particular account or VMware Support.

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When migrating from v Center Server for Windows to the VCSA it is important to externalize any installed VMware products like SRM or Horizon View Composer prior to beginning any migration steps.

See the v Sphere Upgrade Guide for more information.

v Sphere 6.7 delivers an exceptional experience for the user with an enhanced VMware v Center Server Appliance (v CSA).

It introduces several new APIs that improve the efficiency and experience to deploy v Center, to deploy multiple v Centers based on a template, to make management of v Center Server Appliance significantly easier, as well as for backup and restore.

It also significantly simplifies the v Center Server topology through v Center with embedded platform services controller in enhanced linked mode, enabling customers to link multiple v Centers and have seamless visibility across the environment without the need for an external platform services controller or load balancers.

v Sphere 6.7 Update 1 release also delivers the v Center Server Converge Tool that will help customers migrate their topology from v Center Server with External PSC into v Center Server with Embedded PSC, so customers can benefit from a simplified architecture with the same performance.Upgrades to v Center Server 6.7 are supported from v Center Server 6.0 and above.A migration tool is also available to convert your deployment from v Center Server for Windows to the v Center Server Appliance (VCSA).Upgrades will be available on the portal shortly after VMware v Sphere 6.7 becomes generally available.All license keys with active support and subscription contracts with an end date on or after General Availability are eligible for an upgrade.Licenses will be upgraded to the new version according to these rules: The system deactivates your current license for you.