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I am learning how to get back into the dating scene and enjoying it so far.I have learned a lot about myself in the past year finalizing my divorce and gaining custody of my 5-year old daughter.The 2nd Email I usually wrote, was either a response to someone who wrote me back or it was a 2nd try to get someone’s attention.

I talk to my inner child quite often and my daughter helps with that as well.

I love games but also know when to talk, listen and be serious.

Sometimes I would re-send the first email or sometimes compose a new one.

TEMPLATE Paragraph 1: In the opening paragraph I usually restated something from their profile that I enjoyed and indicated that I was re-reading it.

____________________________________________________ SAMPLES I liked what you wrote about “Mr.

Perfect for you”— I love the ocean, NOT looking for one night stands (I know that is hard to believe), and am hopelessly romantic.

I usually added something specific I read in their profile and comment positively on it.

I wanted to show that I did read their profile and I wanted to compliment them on something personal about them.

Though I find with age that I don’t have to be as serious as I used to think I had to.

I really enjoy laughing and would love to meet someone who enjoyed the same.

3rd paragraph to end: I usually wrote a little more about myself and tried to add something funny again.