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We have all been there dating a dude and not sure what to call the “union”.He isn’t your man, but you do all type of couple things.Despite photos of them cuddled up on the beach and walking hand-in-hand at T. and Tiny’s wedding this past August, it was clear that they were just “friends.” And if there were any other doubts, Ashanti told last week, “I never said I was his girl, I never quote, unquote, ‘claimed him,’ I never said we were an item and neither has he, so there you have it.” I’ve always had a thing for Ashanti and now even more so.

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Still, a lot of women go off what they think as opposed to what they know and wind up getting their feelings hurt.

If a man tells a woman he’s not looking for a relationship and just wants to “kick it,” then that woman better get her soccer cleats ready if she plans on hanging out with him.

You can hang out with someone seven days a week or hold hands in the street all you want, but until y’all have a conversation where both parties agree on the status of your relationship that ain’t your man and you’re not his woman.

If the concept of the claim game is too hard for you to digest, let me break down like this: Relationships are a lot like shopping for a car.

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The point is if he doesn’t think you are good enough to claim, then he isn’t good enough. If there’s any confusion as to which one you’re in, chances are you’re not.

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The issue of someone not “claiming” the other, though, could easily get messy — especially when you’re in the public eye — but as long as the people involved know where things stand and don’t let other folks get in their business that’s all that matters. As much as women like to think that men are natural born liars, we’re actually pretty honest if you listen to us.