Blind dating full cast and crew

There were a few behind-the-scenes shots, but this was primarily just an extended promo for the film.

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Overall an enjoyable enough movie, which varies the usual mainstream US romantic comedy/drama themes by making the lead character visually impaired, and including inter-racial relationships.

It's interesting that a picture of the main actress, Anjali Jay, doesn't actually appear on the front cover of the DVD although there are plenty of other girls pictured, perhaps so as not to make the film appear too 'multicultural'?

Subtitles in English were accurate and well synchronised to the onscreen dialogue.

The layer change occurred at and was reasonably well placed at the end of a scene. There is also English Audio Description to assist visually impaired viewers. Dialogue is clear at all times and always seems to be in sync with the actors' lip movements.

So unless you really need those subtitles, I'd recommend the R4 version (especially now that the exchange rate isn't so favourable for us!

) An enjoyable enough film with slight variations on the usual themes present in these films.

Of course in the way of all romantic comedies, one fine day Danny himself accidentally meets Leeza (played by Anjali Jay - His real-life wife, Jane Seymour, has, for me, the most memorable role in this film.

It's great to see this normally 'prim and proper' actress playing the role of a sex-crazy and rather wild looking psychiatrist!

Most of the time, the dates are hilariously bad, which makes the show (and the pop-ups) all the more entertaining and funny!

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Some hints at this occur in the deleted scenes also included on this DVD.