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I’ve known John Crestani for a couple of years now, I’ve seen people BRAND NEW to the internet make money with it. Talk soon, Jeff If you have ANY questions – leave a comment on the blog post and let me know! An American man shows his online love story with a Vietnamese girl with full of regret! Justin met a beautiful Vietnamese girl on a dating site. By Noogie #1 – Scammers / Fake Profiles We cannot deny that there are many scammers and fake profiles on dating apps.The first step is signing up for this 100% FREE Online Training that walks you through some awesome niches, and how to profit with them step-by-step.

(If you want more when you’re done, be sure and check out this epic piece on passive income ideas.) EACH of these is EXTREMELY powerful and profitable on their own so have fun, and make sure you share this post on Face Book & Twitter! The dating niche is another big one and one of the “top 3” as it’s never going away! This niche is HUGE and not going anywhere anytime soon.For example, here’s how we could narrow down the keywords “weight loss” and “diet” into more managable sub-niches/keywords: If we just BEGIN to type a phrase into Google, it gives us TONS of suggestions for keywords and niches.I’ll look at “how to diet,” and the list of keywords will go something like this: I don’t know about you, but I can see TONS of potential for articles, blog posts, videos, even full on products!With a little digging around the net and some basic keyword research, it should be easy to uncover quite a few more.

Try to narrow things down to a sub-niche, as it’ll usually be less competitive and easier to rank for in Google if you’re going for Organic Traffic.

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I could literally go on FOREVER with expanding these.

There are obviously THOUSANDS of other niches out there, but these are some of the most obvious.

Not the best choice for newbies, but a good niche none-the-less.