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you’re mean” (pay attention: a lot of times, YOU are given signals of interest during normal conversation without even noticing it…) – Here’s a juicy secret: I highly recommend you go out on to the streets or to a club or wherever with a girl you’ve befriended and ASK her which woman is interested in you, ask her to tell which signals she sees…you’ll be AMAZED, trust me.

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Most men have no clue of what female body language means.They really DON’T know when a woman’s interested in them.We always seem to think that it was “just a look” or “a normal thing to do for anything”…but nine times out of ten?It was a pure GREEN LIGHT, inviting you to come talk to her, or do MORE with her once you did…That’s some obvious female body language that says “I like you, because I care about what you think of me so I’m getting nervous” – She’s swallowing with her throat a bit TOO much around you (it’s like she ate something she can’t swallow, and it’s a CLEAR sign of nervousness, see above for why that is a good thing again) – She’s fidgeting around with her hands, nails, feet, legs, etc. This female body language signal clearly means “I’m nervous about what you will think of me.

What you think is important, because I like you…” – She smiles back when you smile at her or even in her direction (she’ll only give a slight smile then – but it’s there) – She waves back or at you or smiles when you wave at her – If you raise your eyebrows twice as to say “how about you and me go do something..”, the naughty eyebrows or so-to-speak, and she smiles? – If someone else is telling someone about her when you’re around (and you too know each other vaguely, but not in that way), and she blushes?Body language is not the be all, end all, but the whole purpose of this post is to make you realize that there are MORE opportunities for WARM approaches (where she already has an interest in you) out there than you think.How to make sure you create attraction, to recognize manipulation and so on.THOSE are subjects for another post. I hope you liked these examples of female body language!To More Dating Success, Carlos Xuma Win With Women P. Want more free tips about what I\'ve talked about today?About raising your confidence through the roof, meeting girls anywhere & anytime, creating raw sexual attraction, and more?Chances are that she values your opinion – If you two know each other vaguely and she approaches YOU to start a conversation about some very NOT important thing (women are nervous too, meaning that THEY will open you with small talk because they don’t know how else to do it…just as much as YOU did when you didn’t know) – If she pays more attention to you than people need to asses physical danger and “what’s happening now curiosity”..meaning: you walk somewhere, sit your but down on some chair or bench or whatever somewhere or you leave somewhere and her eyes follow you in your movements?