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A reason for the GDPR to only mention cookies once is that the e Privacy Regulation is underway – a lex speciallis to the GDPR, i.e.

a specification and elaboration of the parts of the existing regulation that concern electronic communication.

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The EU law on the handling of personal data, the General Data Protection Regulation, is often referred to by its acronym GDPR.

How does the GDPR affect your website’s use of cookies and online tracking? And how does it affect the cookie policy and your cookie consent on your website?

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the e Privacy Directive (e PR) affect how you as a website owner may use cookies and online tracking of visitors from the EU.

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According to Austria, the GDPR text didn’t go far enough compared to the 1995 directive.

Nevertheless, a week later it was adopted by the EU Parliament with and effective date of May 25, 2018.GDPR text on cookies Among some of the most important passages to read, if you are interested in reading the GDPR text in full, are – GDPR text on the rights of EU citizens The GDPR text itself can be a bit inaccessible for a person not familiar with legal texts and legislation, so if you prefer to read in summary about its requirements for website owners and operators, check out our own blogpost on how to achieve GDPR compliance.Cookies are small files that are automatically dropped on your computer as you browse the web.The above requirements render most of the cookie banners and notifications used prior to the implementation of the GDPR obsolete.For instance, implied consent and consent given simply by visiting a site is not enough.GDPR text on controller and processor The first 31 pages constitutes a sort of context basis for the regulation, to enlighten and elaborate on the issues and terms at hand.