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Hard to find a complete version of the lyrics, but with stuff like "ground around like hamburger, lyin' in a splat" "toes were in her hat", it ends badly for her. Bat Out Of Hell - by Meat Loaf - (A reader suggested this one). It seems that somebody ends up dead, missing a curve, after zooming off on their motorcycle, but then he is running away from his lover, like some relationships you will do anything to get out of it. (1960) Couldn't he have gone and bought another ring. This is all the lyrics I have for this one: "And the white fin came into sight The shark had struck and disappeared And left his sweetheart dead And as he pulled her to the shore" Ok, I've heard it now. Ok, if I have Julie Brown shooting up the high school, then I should have this one too. I still have no idea who it is by and I'm still trying to figure out the lyrics, but it seems pretty much lifted from the film River's Edge. Looking closer at it, I guess so, "but now I know you will leave me no more.. But a sad tale of him holding her hand in his, well, except she is dead, and I guess he killed her too, well, he cut her hand off too for some reason. I know I have probably heard this song, but I couldn't tell you what it is like.

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The basic song is the same, the lyrics are slightly different. Either way, she gets dead and in a show of complete heartlessness, he displays her corpse to his pals and classmates, for pay. A guilty tale of somebody who knows how the girl in the river got murdered but won't say.Interesting, some of them seem to be distinctly British though, like "lorry". Moby Grape - by Motorcycle Irene (1968) - Pretty similar to Leader of the Pack from this 60s band. Wasn't that the standard depressing song in the 90s? Looks like she was killed in a shark attack in this one. But you know, if you hated her that much, you should have just called off the wedding. Only line I remember is 'Every night she turns a new shade of blue..' Not at all a 'pretty song' " Ok, I've heard the song now. I can't tell if he knows her or what the rest of the deal is though. Whoa, I never caught that this one is a murder ballad before.It is sort of doo-wop, about a motorcycle accident, running into a truck at 100 miles an hour. I think it is supposed to be sort of funny in that hip ironic way. I think it is Australian, which might be why I hadn't heard it before. I haven't heard it, so I don't know who sang it either, but: "My favourite Teen Death Song (besides 'Remember') is a totally obscure track whose artist I have never known.Ok, update, I have been sent a version of this song from a record by Dean Middaugh in the late 60s in the midwest US. I believe it was called 'River's Edge' and it seemed to track the real life story from the early 80's wherein some teen sociopath kills his girlfriend, or maybe just feeds her an overdose and does nothing to help her.He has a quarrel with his girlfriend, she runs off down the cliffs to the ocean and presumably dies in the ocean somehow. He is sad and sees the high school ring on her finger. The spoken intro to this song kind of says it all about dead teen songs. (Also, apparently Guess Who, but I haven't heard that version). Ok, it appears to be from the 1954 film of the same name starring Marilyn Monroe and Robert Mitchum. Johnny dies and the greasers want revenge so Matt Dillions character says... It seems like everybody has done a version of Hey Joe. Lyrics Wow, impressive, they list 800 different versions of this song here Blood on the Floor - by Fleetwood Mac (1970). He is waiting for the hangman after shooting his woman who was with another man (so, I guess Hey Joe, but he got caught in this one). Lyrics Freshmen - The Verve Pipe - I haven't heard this one before. It ends tragically, with the cops informing the dad that his 17-year-old son was dead of an overdose. Maybe there is a whole another page worth of songs of rap/R&B stars who died badly. First person account of teenage druggie after death. The reader said: "They were going to get married, he was drafted, went to 'Nam, then the letters stopped coming, he was fraught w/worry, then he received a Dear John letter, he stood up in anguish, and was riddled with crossfire bullets. Lyrics Pencil Marks on the Wall - by Hershel Bernardi. ) I haven't heard this one or can't find the lyrics for it, but it sounds like in it, the narrator relates the growth of his only son, charted by the pencil marks, at the end, he is bemoaning the death of his son in Vietnam, and that all he has left is the pencil marks on the wall. It sounds like she is too poor and not good enough for him.

A Romeo and Juliet tale with a big raging river that separates them, and kills them. The Outsiders (1983) - Dallas: We gotta win that fight. I think if you were in a band in the 60s, you were required by law to play it. Lyrics The Legend Of Tom Dooley - by The Kingston Trio (1958) There are a lot of murder ballads and that's what this webpage seems to be veering into. "Relevant, important" stuff for parents and their kids to listen to, yadda yadda yadda..." Lyrics Ok, I've heard it now. Tupac has probably released about 100 of them since he died. Lyrics Billy Don't be a Hero - Bo Donaldson and the Haywoods. He was buried overseas, and although the epitaph read that he gave his life for his country, he 'didn't die from a bullet but he died from a broken heart. For some reason, not stated in the song, she drowns in a river and he is ready to kill himself to join her. Mostly from the 50s and 60s, but they still write them occasionally. But isn't that what Web 2.0 is all about, free content that other people write for you? Wow, and MSNBC looks like they just did an article with a link to here, said I had a good sense of humor about it too. Already an experienced singer and actor when he recorded this album, Hampton began recording in 1959 and released over twenty 45s on various labels. As far as I can tell, he hadn't drank for 17 weeks because of what he was taking for VD then goes out and binges at the end. But in this one, you have drunk driving on the wrong side of the road, presumably on the way to a Kiss concert. "The stranger's name was death" Lyrics Hello This Is Joannie - by Paul Evans (1979). In this one, a couple is arguing and then the woman dies in a car crash and he is leaving a message on her answering machine. And Benny Hill personally really irritates me, mostly because he isn't really all that funny. After driving all night, they "look to heaven to find their star;. A haunting string arrangement closes with the statement "star crossed lovers; fate was unkind.. The Cheers are interesting because one of their members was Bert Convey, who later became a well-know actor." Eye Of The Hurricane - by David Wilcox. The reader says: "GREAT folky/acoustic track, wherein a girl (age unknown, but she's riding a Honda hurricane--not exactly the prime ride for the Biker Mama 40 gang) substitutes vehicular speed for the love so sorely lacking in her life. When I did a net search on dead teen songs, I didn't come up with a single page. (By the way, a lot of this webpage originally started back in around 1997 and has been periodically updated with new additions since then - 2009 now.) This is some of the cheeziest (sic, yeah, I know how to spell it but I like it better that way) music ever written. And I see that CNN has recently done a story on these, although I suspect that much of it was copied from this page (notice the reference to Hoodoo Gurus which sounds a whole lot like how I described it). Further update - Those lyrics seem to be a bit wrong. "On the same label as Chirco, an odd singer-songwriter. But this one says it is about someone who doesn't actually exist (get it, he is a stereotype) but still he ends up wrapped around a lamp pole on Saturday night as his mum is waiting for him to come home. Although, their movie was pretty funny, maybe not intentionally though. I've never heard it but the reader said: a song about a 16-year old boy who died on the road. Part recitation (slow rap) and part singing, a very stark, tragic, and poignant tale is told of how the young boy and girl "run out of money and run out of time". Drinking lots and then driving around Dead Man's Curve. Lyrics Tonight is the Night I Fell Asleep at the Wheel - by Barenaked Ladies. Writing a dead teen car crash song should help, but well, it doesn't, they are still rather annoying. It was actually sung by the Cheers -- not by the Diamonds (unless the Diamonds covered it later). A woman hooked on speed on her motorcycle and meets a truck that ends her race, and her heart.Victor Moulton the lead singer of the Barbarians lives across town and I had the pleasure to meet him last year. He still makes public appearances occaisonally and never tires of talking about the old days.According to him he lost his hand at the age of 14 while making a pipebomb (as you and I did as kids right? He was one of about two drummers who had the distinction of being able to play the drums with a prosthetic hand.Lyrics-Lloyd Price version Lyrics-Nick Cave version Mr Turnkey - by Zager & Evans. I kind of don't think so, he says he is a man and it was a rape and then he is singing from prison, I guess he is about to hang himself. A girl catfight, the new girlfriend ends up dead and the old girlfriend is singing the song from prison or while the police are coming to get her. A bit like the Homecoming Queen's Got a Gun, but not quite as funny. Very strange song though, kills his woman, buries her, well, then I'm not completely sure what happens in the rest of it, he bends all the tools in town so everything they build is crooked. All the classic elements of one, jealousy, she is laughing at him, he stabs her and is now waiting for the police to break down his door. It appears to be a school shooting song and about some of the kids who are killed. I'm trying to figure out if these are actually teens. Here's a quote from an article about Gentry: "The single of "Mississippi Delta" was backed by the seven minute classic "Ode To Billie Joe".