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She said: Besides his great love for Sally Field which he often professes, Burt Reynolds is also the owner of a Night Club Restaurant in Omni International Hotel, Hotel District of Down Town, Atlanta. He is also co-owner of ‘Tampa Bay Bandits’, a professional football team in the USFL. Burt Reynolds reputation in the films increased once he started playing villainous but likable characters.On the sets of ‘City Heat’ while shooting for a scene, Burt Reynolds was accidentally struck in the face by a metal chair.

Sally Field had separated from her first husband Steven Craig in 1975.

She had 2 children, son Peter (born 1969) and son Eli (born 1972).

His relationship with his father was a bit more complicated.

Reynolds’ dad was more judgmental and allegedly never told the actor that he loved him.

He struggled with self-esteem and intimacy issues as a result which took years for him to confront and address.

When Burt was ten years old his family moved to Riviera Beach, Florida.The quiet town boasts a beautiful landscape with an ocean view and gorgeous landscapes.During his high school years he was a popular guy with tons of friends.He had gone on to marry American actress Loni Anderson in 1988.They adopted a son, Quinton but by 1993 they had divorced.In May 2009, he had a spinal surgery performed on him.