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This relieves you of writing custom code for these operations.

CVS does this by internally implementing the ICollection View interface that understands the source type and manages the data operations.

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It acts as a filter between the source collection (Observable Collection or List or Binding List) and the grid.

Once your grid is bound to Collection View Source-driven source list, the CVS manages all the data related operations such as grouping, sorting, filtering and so on.

For example, some types and its corresponding cell types are listed below: String – Text Box Bool – Checkbox Uri – Hyperlink Double – Double Edit Datetime – Date Time Edit Enums – Combo Box Timespan – Time Span Edit An Object Data Provider is a class which creates an object that you can use as a binding source.

The Grid Data control supports this class (offered by WPF platform) that creates an object in the XAML code and can be used for data binding.

These interfaces set up a two-way communication between the bound grid and the objects collection used by the same grid.

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