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If your potential suitor hits or physically abuses you once, it will happen again.In all my experiences dealing with marriage tribunals and youth apostolates, I have never seen physical abuse end with one incident, unless the victim ended the relationship after that one incident.

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When one talks about boyfriends or girlfriends in our current age, however, too often the emphasis is on the "boy" or "girl" rather than the "friend." I often witness relationships fail because the couple is romantically involved before they get the chance to know one another.

What do I suggest to teenagers as a substitute for dating?

You can talk privately and spend quiet time together in these places, because the people around you will not notice when you do exactly that — spend quiet time together and talk privately.

The same people, however, will notice if this is not what you are doing.

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Sooner or later, you will find yourself hanging out more and more with one particular friend, and this is much more likely to lead to a healthy marriage.

A Single Warning Suffices While teenage boys are a little different, most adolescent girls I know do not set out in a relationship to lose their virginity.

If your potential suitor wishes to talk privately, discussion can take place in a restaurant booth.

If your potential suitor wants to go somewhere quiet with you, find a nice concert hall or museum.

He probably means it and intends to follow through.