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Much like its fellow counterparts, the 2C boasts heavy armor and health, making it extremely difficult to destroy one-on-one but lacks proper anti-aircraft capabilities; Making it vulnerable to Bomber runs.

However, it can shoot aircraft that, for one reason or another, are flying rather low to the ground.

Following example (which is nothing but an extension of the previous example) showcases this: Similar to integer pointer arrays (like one we discussed here), you can have arrays storing character pointers and more. As we have iterated a number of times so far, a pointer stores an address.Now, up till now in this ongoing C programming tutorial series, we have only seen a pointer pointing to a non-pointer variable, but the fact is pointers can point to other pointers as well.Seat two commandeers the rear turret containing a 20mm Autocannon, which has nearly 270° of coverage.While it lacks the depression to fully cover up close, the remaining ports, each containing a Hotchkiss M1914 machine gun, offers additional defense against infantry but have limited view of the front and each side.For example, the following program defines an array 'arr' of integer pointers and assigns values to it.

Note that the values assigned to the array are addresses.The concept of pointers is indeed one of the very important concepts in the C programming language.Up until now, we have discussed several aspects of pointers in C.You are advised to try out the examples and concepts we discussed here on your system to get a better idea of how these things work.In case of any doubt or query, drop us a comment below.This means a pointer can store an address of another pointer.