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Asking a girl to be your girlfriend might have you hyperventilating. Instead of freaking out, learn how to ask a girl to be your girlfriend by finding the perfect spot, words and time.You can also choose to go the cute route and really have her falling for you.

Keep in mind, with such a direct question, the girl may not be ready to give an answer right away and may need time to think it over.If this is the case, try to be patient while suggesting a specific day and time when you can check back in with her to get her answer.The key to asking her is to make sure and ask the actual question rather than beating around the bush.This way, there are no misunderstandings at the conclusion of the conversation.Nervousness might make you fumble with your words and accidentally avoid asking the question, "Will you be my girlfriend?

" Don't be vague; you don't want to walk away from the conversation wondering if she's your girlfriend or not.

A crowded party where you have to yell over other people is not an ideal setting, for example.

A special spot that means something to the two of you (such as where you first met or a place she loves) this makes an ideal spot for asking because it adds romance and helps her understand how much time you spent thinking this over.

Be advised, if the girl isn't the type of person who would enjoy something cute, then using a cute way to ask her out may send the message you don't truly know her or might make her uncomfortable.

It's important to go into the moment confident and ready.

Before asking a girl to be your girlfriend, it's important to look at your relationship and decide if you're ready for that commitment.