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I go up a flight of stairs, and there it is room 223.

I hesitate for just a moment, then I knock a couple of times, then the door opens and Bob are there, and he smiles and invites me in.

He said he was experienced, and asked me if I wanted to meet up with him sometime.

I hesitate to answer, my god somebody to meet up with and explore the possibilities of sucking my first cock, of being touched by another man, the thought just excited and scared me.

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Then use these skills while video sex chatting with any broadcaster!He asks me if I was nervous and I said just a little as I take another sip of my beer."Relax, everybody is nervous their first time, I know I was." Bob then proceeds to kiss me softly, oh my body trembled as we kissed, and it felt, so erotic and so right.Bob already has his shirt off and his chest is so muscular and smooth, and his nipples were already hard.He asks me if I want a beer and I said sure, and I took a few sips, and Bob sits next to me on the bed.He then tells me that he received it and he said he loved it.