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If you see a conversation starting to go this way, reframe it in a positive light.

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Assure them that with hard work and practice, they will eventually find difficult assignments easier. Gently suggest these options to parents when appropriate – they may not even know this kind of extra help is available. Ensure that they know the problem is with the behavior – not them – and how you expect them to behave moving forward. Teachers bring a great deal of compassion to the table to start with, but it can be easy to let it fall to the wayside when you’ve got a classroom full of 30 students, 4 more lesson plans to get through, and can’t seem to get everyone to stay on the same page. Parents may see behaviors at home that you aren’t seeing in school and vice versa.

No one expects you to be a saint – just try your best to keep your cool. Keeping open lines of communication with parents will create consistency in working with students who have emotional or behavioral struggles and minimize misunderstandings. Find ways to de-stress on evenings and weekends so you can bring your “A game” to the classroom.

As researchers from Facebook’s FAIR lab explain in a pre-print paper published this week, they fail at this task on a number of levels.

First, they don’t display a “consistent personality,” sticking to the same set of facts about themselves throughout a conversation; second, they don’t remember what they or their conversational partners have said in the past; and third, when faced with a question they don’t understand, they tend to fall back on diversionary or preprogrammed responses, like “I don’t know.” Even with these constraints, chatbots can be engaging.

Think about techniques that worked last year for dealing with some of your “difficult” students, but stay open to new approaches. Avoid deeming them “attention seekers,” or “slackers.” Work on being as patient as possible. Of 11-17-year olds who took MHA’s Youth Screening, 92 percent reported that they sometimes or often had trouble concentrating, and 91 percent reported that they were sometimes or often easily distracted.

If your workload allows, it might be helpful to email homework assignments to parents to keep kids on task, or provide written directions instead of verbal ones so students can refer back to them. Avoid rigid deadlines – try giving homework assignments that are due in two days instead of the following day.

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