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In the past, businesses used advertising to drive customers to a phone number. Now, all those customers see a website before they talk to a real person. And, with live chat, businesses won’t need to worry if they don’t have the money, time, or resources for A/B tests or a landing page designed by Oli Gardner.

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converting well, I like to take a data-driven approach.The homepage might have a great conversion rate, but what about the “About Us,” “Pricing,” or “Contact Us” page. Here’s a live chat data checklist you can use: You can find this information using Google Analytics or specialized apps like Formisimo.Before we look at how to use the data, we need to understand who the right customer is.The idea is to move mountains in order to talk to your best prospects but not talk to time wasters at all. Question: Which pages on your site are your best prospects likely to visit? Answer: We look at the leads generated via our platform, and we look at the page chat was initiated on.Using the data above, install the live chat platform on the pages that mean the most to you.

Some chat platforms need you to install the platform on all the pages.If the website is converting below 2%, do this: The idea is that you’ll still have your same conversion rate on site, plus a few more people whose concern you solved.And you’ll also have a whole bunch of leads who wouldn’t have converted during that visit, people you didn’t know and wouldn’t easily get back.For example: “I’d love to get your question answered by one of our experts, who I’ll pass your details to ASAP.”Customer support is a different beast altogether.The goal is to reduce the amount of email and phone tickets and resolve customers’ issues on the fly.This is to ensure that a conversation can continue if the visitor is clicking through pages.“Greetings” is industry lingo for automated chat popups. With most good live chat providers, you can set triggers for proactive greetings, such as: Different applications need different setups. Some companies want the website to do the heavy lifting without a sales person.