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After a discussion has been properly (logically carried out) it sits around an people read it, then decide the information seems worthy of futher inquiry where upon the chat becomes the tool because spontaneous inquiry might answer more questions than most people have ready, or ask questions they had not thought of.

How is using rules from the jblood radio show going to help?

Social fears are so strong that when information is widely accepted, even though it is shown to be useless for intended purposes, other information rejected, will not be used.Not because it is illogical, but because people in social groupings, even on the web, are afraid to be seen entertaining the information.I guess a good suggestion would be to treat others as you would like to be treated.The two chat rooms solution was a miserable failure. I have always maintained that I rather see the room die a slow death rather than see the ego driven drama in there each day.NOW I hope tis makes you all happy, but soon we will have a hentai website up and running.

Apart from that, website owners can embed it on their website, which will serve as a live means of communication.Yes Citizen, with all good things...must come to an end but it doesn't mean they can not be resurrected.I believe that we have all learned from our experiences in chatango and it's time to move on.You will see they refuse to use evidence and promote sensational info, provable as misinfo, or actions that can produce no official action. I have a thread about it and have just examined your chat, quite infested as far as I can discern. I've not participated much in chat, but think that if a large group are trying to get on the same page and get their specific qeustions answered chat could be a great service.On the other hand considered discussion that has images in the body of the post can make points tied together much better than what is carried in the text of chat.There was a time when we needed some rules in the chat room, those days have passed due to inactivity.