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She has over 500 million video views and over 2.7 million subscribers, making her channel the top 50 subscribed music channel on You Tube.

Kalie Ann Sullivan has a website and has recorded some demo cd's.The country artist's single, Wasn't I the One, will be released soon.Alvord's career include several live music performance, in the US and other countries of the world, performing both original and cover songs performed on You Tube.Her popular music album includes 'I Have Got It Covered', 'My Dreams' and My Heart Is'.Ward also has a strong social media following on sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

Ward has become a well-known artist in part through his use of social media, posting a mix of covers and originals on You Tube.

They both have toured many countries together for musical concerts and wowed their fans with engaging acts during their well-attended concerts.

They have worked together in many songs and Tanner also has millions of subscriber on You Tube.

Tiffany answers several of the questions in this vlog, such as "Who am I dating? ", "Which PLL (Pretty Little Liars) character would you wanna be, and why? I figured it's about time I do an #Ask Tiffany :) LIKE if you want more!!

hehe : D I had a lot of fun putting this video together and I hope you enjoy!!

Tiffany Alvord is a 19 year old youtube sensation best known for her covers and original songs. She often makes videos with other youtube stars such as Jason Chen, Chester See, and Megan Nicole. btw, colour is spelt with 'ou' (in England) or 'o' (in America), not 'e'!