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By the second season, my personal favorite and one that would probably be near the top of my All-Time Favorite Sitcom Seasons list, I was one of those obsessive fans.

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Fourth Wall can explain it on a technical level, with diagrams and everything, but Jeff does it with emotions.He lets everyone (or just us and himself) in on the youth pill mishap that started this whole thing. Joe also also have a moment of clarity, realizing that if they don’t really want to kill each other they should just team up.I mention all this to illustrate how much had to prove in its fifth season.It had to prove that it was still capable of greatness, that it was worth the renewal (even though the collegiate premise had technically outlived itself), that NBC was right in bringing back Dan Harmon despite various reasons why they shouldn’t, and that it was still the warm — but screwed up — funny show that we all cared a little too much about in the beginning.never became a bad show (I don’t think it ever could), but the fourth season mostly felt like a shadow.

It was 13 episodes of spec scripts, a black-and-white copy of a color photo.He decides to put an end to Destro’s weekly terrorism and perforates his parachute, causing the first ever real casualty in all of G. It’s purpose: to fight Cobra, because they’re terrorists. The bad guys are snakes and the good guys are army people.”At this point, the fan service continues, but Part of me just wants to answer those and be done with it all together. He has retreated into his mind because it’s his 40th birthday and he doesn’t want to grow up (also he overdosed on “youth pills” he chased with brown liquor). Joe episode, and even if you didn’t grow up watching the cartoons or playing with the toys (I was a kid, personally) “G. Jeff” is an extremely fun cartoon that also serves as a neat examination of how it feels to grow up.No, it doesn’t matter because just like the last time Jeff had a dream for an entire episode (the dismal season four finale “Advanced Introduction to Finality”), none of the characters are real, the conversations don’t happen and nothing is really at stake. After the custom credits and faux title card that nails the nonsensical names that writers used to bestow on cartoons made to sell toys (“Government Issue Jeff”), Wingman, Tight Ship, Three Kids, and Buzz Kill are all on trial for murder.They are (in order): Wingman, Three Kids, Tight Ship, and Buzzkill (Britta has a buzz saw on her arm, making her most worth a couple weeks’ worth of allowance in my books).After putting a stop to Destro’s cold open plan to destroy the tourist attraction with zero tactical value, Wingman has a moment of meta-lucidity and accidentally makes things a little too real for Saturday morning. We are then treated to a pitch perfect alternate intro, fully recreating the original opening credit sequence with parody lyrics that say it all with the spoken word expository break down:“G. Joe is the codename for America’s daring awesomely trained awesome mission force.The best case scenario is a Dungeons and Dragons episode or “Geothermal Escapism” which featured Troy’s goodbye.