Companys can not stop employees from dating each other

As NYU law professor Cynthia Estlund explained to NPR, the law "means that you and your co-workers get to talk together about things that matter to you at work." Even "a nudge from the boss saying 'we don't do that around here' ...

She said that if we did not agree to a salary that day, then she would have to suspend me because I would be working past the allowed temp phase.I insisted that she look into a higher offer and she agreed that we could meet again later.But while these actions protect workers at federally contracted employers, they do not affect others.The bill that would cover the rest of workers is the Paycheck Fairness Act.The law would both strengthen penalties to employers who retaliate against workers for discussing pay and require employers to provide a justification for wage differentials.

These reforms are necessary to address this widespread, illegal problem that the law has failed to address for decades.

One prohibits federal contractors from retaliating against employees who discuss their pay with one another.

The other requires contractors to provide compensation data on their employees, including race and sex.

After I had worked for three months through a temp agency, the firm offered me a spot on their payroll.

Given the size and success of the firm, the starting salary seemed low.

Before I left, she had something to add.“Make sure you don’t talk about your salary with anyone,” she said sweetly, as if she was giving advice to her own son.