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You know, going on dates with a sense of openness and curiosity, rather than suspicion and fear. We speak to a lot of people who are feeling ‘Tinder fatigue’ – they’re sick of swiping and having shallow, online chats that lead nowhere,” she says.“There’s something about meeting someone in real life that just can’t be replaced by digital dating.

The eye contact, the facial expressions, the way someone laughs...

Instead, Kaila suggests looking for a genuine connection with your date rather than “someone to fill a certain role in your life or who can tick all of your boxes.” The good news?

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Get your tix: TUm You will never be the same.

The world collectively eye-rolled and quickly filed it under ‘standard Goop babble’, but the concept is, at its core, pretty sound: it’s about both parties mindfully working towards an amicable and respectful break-up. It sounds radical, yes, but like mermaid lattes and ginormous tote bags, conscious dating is a “When you’re dating consciously (or mindfully), you’re making a choice to be more present, to be open, to be vulnerable, as well as taking responsibility for the ‘stuff’ or ‘baggage’ that you bring to a relationship,” explains Kaila Perusco, founder of Sydney’s Conscious Dating Co.“You’re choosing to forgo the usual rules of dating – playing it cool, hiding your true self, playing games – and instead, deciding to be true to yourself.”Kaila’s been introducing this wild concept to Sydney singles since 2016 and says it resonates because people are disillusioned by the soulless swiping of modern dating.

Imagine, then, if we took the same approach to starting relationships. “People are looking for more meaningful connections.

If you have a passion for the law of attraction and appreciate Abraham Hicks, Course in Miracles, Excuse Me Your Life is Waiting, Lynn Grabhorn, The Secret Movie, Bob Proctor, or Esther Hicks and you are single then you have come to the right place - welcome!

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