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All in vain = Alvain Right = vrai (French word) = Vrei Roleless = Roless Variable Nonsense = Varanense Outside of that, I just toss consonants together until I get something that sounds nice. So instead of having a character called Jeff, I have one named Torben. You mean that names like Anita Sarkeesian, Obama, and Hilary Clinton as used in your novel are.. but I don't think there's anyone who uses such names "accidentally".(Which is the name of Thor's bear) Perhaps you can look through old Nordic names, or other cultures depending on what you want the names to sound like. I actually note down whatever names randomly pop into my head, and there will be someday when I will use that for someone.

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For example, maybe you can give all your cat-people names which sound Finnish/Swedish while the shadow elves have names that sound Chinese. As another example, the Icelandic name Kristjana may be altered into Krissiana. In two minutes, I suddenly have a blacksmith called Haskell, rather than spending 20 minutes staring at a wall trying to come up with a name.

And if the generator doesn't give you something you like, then just push the button a few more times : P When it comes to names, I just think up of a meaning that I want to impart first, before corrupting it. For my fiction, I use a lot of Greek or Norse names, with some of the meanings relating to the character. I have seen stories which deliberately use names from the real world like the Pirate Captain Jack Sparrow, the Mc Donald's Fleet, Harry Potter, etc.

Les parents de Joey -farouchement antiracistes dans la théorie- qui trouvent toutes les raisons pour empêcher le mariage, et ceux de John (Roy Glenn & Beah Richards) qui s'y opposent farouchement.

Et sans en dévoiler beaucoup, le film se termine sur un happy end.

I've had some rulers who I've named tyrant, thrown it into Google Translate, and got a new name back. I would agonize over them for hours and then I realized a few important things.1) A name isn't everything. If Ugroth, son of Balhatun of the Fashgar kingdom..your barista *ahem* either you are writing a hell of a mashup or something is out of place.3) Google baby names. They might be the "Alactria of the Emerald Forest" to themselves and be "Those damned tree folk" to everyone else.5) When in a pinch, I often used to roll sounds and syllables like they were numbers on a combination lock. it could be anything as long as it looks good cos i need a lot of names for races and stuff. Just bastardize it or mash it up as others have said.

You just have to be careful that the final product isn't easily mispronounced. Who gets spelled out as "$h*thead."Sorry for any typos. im in a dire need of names, i just cant think of any good ones, so is there any way for people to suggest good names and how do you think them up. - Carter - Lawrence - Cole - Isaac - Marcus - Finn - Zach - Curtis - Nicoli - Ben -Drew - Decker - Ann - Bell - Zoey - Joey - Daisy - May - June - Sarah - Lucy - Bella - Cora - Susan - Gwen Don't be afraid of borrowing/appropriating fitting names from other books/movies/etc. Couple vowels, throw in a handful of consonants, mash it up until you find something you like, then promptly write them down and pick it back up the next day. And, as somebody pointed out previously, random name generators are always a bag of giggles. Take some words, print them out, cut them up into syllables, throw them into a hat or air and grab a few to mash into a name.

Voilà donc un film hollywoodien qui s'adresse exclusivement la bourgeoisie blanche bien-pensante des années 60.

Lorsque Poitier s'émancipera ces rôles gentillet et inoffensif, ce sera lui qui passera dernière la caméra...

" et les comédies afro-américaines pertinentes et que Beverly Hills Cop 2 se plaçait presque en précurseur du renouvellement des figures noires (avec la collaboration d'Eddy Murphy au scénario), ce dernier volet des aventures d'Axel Foley s'avère bien pâlichon... Et John Landis peine à trouver un rythme et hésite entre comédie et action...

Le film est centré sur Murphy sans véritablement donner de l'envergure au personnage et les seconds rôles sont bien ternes : les complices des premiers épisodes disparaissent tandis que les méchants sont insipides.

A signaler tout de même, une brève apparition de D'Urville Martin...