Cougar dating site

The best thing about dating a cougar is that she knows how to take care of herself not only with her health but her physical appearance as well.

In short, they just want someone they can enjoy their life with.

One of the things that younger ones like when dating a cougar is that they are great listeners compared to women their age. This means that these women provide advice and they can listen to you.

Of course, it can be something that us educational, but there are also things that you need to learn when it comes to relationships.

Cougars will gladly tell you everything that you want to know when it comes to relationships.

You are probably here to join the site because you’re looking for a woman who is older than you.

What’s good about cougar dating sites today is that they are not motherly of women.Majority of younger women are high maintenance and are typically indecisive when it comes to things.This can be stressful for some men, as younger women typically don’t know what they want in life in general.Typically these cubs have only a five year age difference between a cougar and the cub.But there are also some instances that the age gap is pretty wide.A lot of cougars today prefer men who are attractive and younger than they are.