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I pointed out the CSA involvement and as I heard nothing, I assumed that they were happy with the arrangement in place, to which she stated that apparently they told her that they had lost the paperwork back in 1996 and she decided not to chase that up (this was the first I knew of this).At no point throughout the last 17 years has she ever told me that she didn't feel I was paying enough.I would say that since you have been paying regularly, a court is unlikely to suddenly find that you owe lots of money, but it's certainly worth getting advice. I am William the Child Maintenance Options consultant.

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We have a Taking about money guide, which can help you and your ex work out together how much maintenance your daughter needs.You will need to seek legal advice in regards to whether your ex can obtain a court order for any backdated maintenance.I know that my liability for maintenance payments will cease from September but I have said that I will pay our daughter £100 per month as an allowance/pocket money.My ex has now been in touch saying that I have no right to reduce the amount I am paying as in her opinion, I haven't been paying enough for the last 17 years but she chose not to pursue it!Changes could affect how much child maintenance you pay or receive. Tell CMS if you move house, change or lose your job or your benefits change.

If your child doesn't live with you day to day, you're the 'paying parent' (non-resident parent, 2003 scheme).

If your circumstances change, you need to report the change to CMS within seven days.

You need to tell CMS when: If you have day to day care of the child, you are the 'receiving parent' (parent with care, 2003 scheme).

Our daughter is 19 in November and pending her A level results will be going to university in September.

She will remain living at home with her mum but will be entitled to student finance to cover the cost of her course as well as a maintenance grant and loan.

The following link can provide you with contact details for organisations in your area that may be able to help you further find-legal-advice.uk/ .