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Tools for Tinder is one of the best investments I ever made.

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In a nutshell: This means you should have roughly 21-30 girls pipelined before you even set foot on Colombian territory.You can adjust this accordingly for less-flaky parts of the world (for example, I’d say a 15 would be a reasonable number for a similar Europe).After my trip to Budapest in April of 2015, where it took the tenth night of a tenday trip to get my Hungarian flag, I set out to break down the formula of how to travel abroad and get laid quickly and efficiently. Your average worker with two to three weeks of vacation every calendar year will probably take a trip somewhere between a week and ten days.Of course, you should time it properly so that you fly in on a Thursday or Friday night and then stay ten days.It is meant to give you the best chance of touching down in a city, and having a girl riding your cock at some point on your trip; whether that trip is for three days or two weeks.

It is designed for quick sex with foreign beauties while you only have a few days in her town.

In the past, a player who was traveling to a new country in the hopes of meeting some sexy girls would be forced to hedge all his bets on meeting a girl in person.

Most of the time, this required long nights out, the necessary skills, and of course – the little bit of luck that constitutes every new notch in a player’s belt.

Don’t keep the conversations going on forever, but at least check in and say hi, that you found a bar you really want to try, ask about tourist sites, etc.

This is a tough one because it coincides perfectly with number one.

The two-week mark is a good time to start, because any leads you get on the first day will still be fresh, and any girls you meet on or Tinder during the two weeks leading up to your trip will be very good leads.