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There is nothing worse than rushing from work, not knowing where you’re going and bursting into the room late.Plan your trip, and get there early to familiarise yourself with the venue.

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While it can be daunting to get your head around, seeing and meeting others in the flesh definitely helps to cut out a lot of the initial back-and-forth that takes place with online dating, and you get the chance to make your mind up about someone much quicker.Robert Ryall, who founded speed dating company Date in a Dash eight years ago, knows his stuff when it comes to speed dating, and he shares his top tips for getting it right.If you then proceed to pull your phone out and busy yourself on it, it makes you look shy and lacking confidence.“The beauty about our events is that everyone has paid to be there and are looking to meet people so you have no reason to fear any sort of rejection by saying hello before the event starts.Not everyone will have the balls to do this but the ones that do get a big advantage as they get extra time talking to their dates and it gets them in a talkative state before the event,” adds Rob.

Quite a lot of the time, girls will come in small groups.LMS offers singles a 100% Free Basic Diamond Database membership to give incredible men and women an opportunity to meet our successful VIP Members.Simply fill out the confidential online application and be sure to schedule an Interactive Assessment to meet with our matchmakers.Equally, sometimes it’s actually better to attend these events on your own and not in large groups. Try and link responses into new questions to build rapport.. In fact, I am learning to cook…’ Try and stand out as much as you can from the crowd.It can be quite intimidating and actually difficult to speak to a girl who is part of a larger group, particularly if the other girls are not interested in staying after the event. Most people will ask the basic questions and it can turn into a bit of a job interview after a while. Although three to four minutes is pretty quick it’s still enough time to use your flirting techniques” says Rob. It sounds obvious but there is nothing worse than someone knocking a drink over, being too loud, asking inappropriate questions or making a tit of themselves!The people that leave straight away and rely solely on the matching system can be forgotten.” The following day when you receive your matches, follow up with anyone you are interested in and try and exchange numbers as quickly as possible.