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An illness has befallen Francis the Dog and that has put a stall on the trail ride.Francis is currently under the care of the Wheeler Veterinary Clinic.

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Again, let's look at the different "Sarah splits herself up" situations: Situation 1: Various clubs: We see Sarah barely beating Brody and not breaking a sweat.

As established, the holo-clone isn't going to get tired, so winning there wouldn't have been a problem.

Below is a small selection of Sarah’s work, to view our full artist portfolios please visit our Facebook page If you would like to book in with Sarah please call into the shop or email [email protected] You can see more of Sarah’s work on her Instagram @guerilla_needles xx This slideshow requires Java Script.

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She travels with two horses and two dogs Debbie says.

You can read about her trailriding adventures at And it is the dog in the photo who is in a bit of trouble.

And this photo is from Russell Posch, the note Irving shelter walker, who pinpointed her as one of the dogs in danger at the Irving shelterall too familiar story.