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The ministers he knew were happy preaching only to those who walked through their doors on Sunday.

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Across the country churches were rolling out digital offerings—building livestreaming tools and message boards to engage the young and allow seniors, the sick, or disabled people to worship remotely.

Soto had even used some of those tools to launch his own church online five years earlier. It felt , a digital world that could convey the feeling of communing in worship.

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I once read an interesting article about how by acquiring Nest, Google annexed the homes of those who already had Nest.

They bought information, data, a piece of our physical existence.

Literally purchased something smart on our walls without our consent. I'm going to build a survey system so you can just hit a button from the emails soon. Comments, rants, rambles to Interested in putting your money where your Glitchet is?

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Ten months after he first strapped on the headset, Soto founded VR Church, the first house of worship to exist entirely in virtual reality.

Religious groups have long attempted to stake claim to digital worlds.

They sold their home and most of their belongings and piled their five young children into a 30-foot trailer.